Sketch Grid

Sketch Grid is a simple application for your iPhone or iPad that allows you to take an area of a picture and overlay a grid on it. The grid makes it easy to explore and study the sizes and locations of the elements in the composition so you can draw it on a canvas quickly and easily. Check out our blog for examples of how to use Sketch Grid to make art.

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Composing an image

Sketch Grid allows you to zoom and pan the picture and change the composition size, so you can draw any part of the image. This is perfect for fragment studies and exploring different painting compositions.

Composing an image from picture of daisies Composing an image from picture - zoomed on three daisies Composing an image from picture - zoomed on a single daisy

Varying grid sizes

Sketch Grid can apply different grid sizes to your composition. You can use it to recreate an image by drawing a simliar grid on your canvas and transfering the lines from the screen to it. Or you can use it to lay out a quick sketch with a minimal help of a very coarse two-by-two grid.

Grid over the composed image Grid over a sketch of the composed image Coarse grid (2x2) over the sketch

Works in portrait and landscape

With Sketch Grid you compose your work from images that were shot in portrait or landscape.